Wiring Instructions

Attach the stakes to each of your lights and place them in the ground where you want them (i.e., 12-15 feet apart for walkways).

Place your transformer near your outlet. Attach the low voltage cable (12-gauge, 2-strand) to the transformer and roll out your cable to each of the lights (meaning from light to light, not from the transformer to each light individually – see diagram). Allow 1-2 feet extra at each light in case you want to adjust your positions later on.

Cut the wires at each position and wire together like the diagram above.

    You’ll be joining 3 wires together:

  • The wire from the transformer or the last light
  • The wire from the light
  • The wire that leads to the next light

You can run multiple lines from your transformer, but each line should not exceed 100 feet or six lights. Lights usually have 12, 18 or 25-watt bulbs in them. Add up your total wattage (example: 3 lights x 12 watts = 36 watts total), and make sure your transformer has enough wattage to handle the load.