Stone Manor Front Yard

  • Pathway


  • Terraced Lawn

    Terraced Lawn

  • Paradise Cove

    Paradise Cove

  • Paradise Cove

    Paradise Cove

  • Lookout


  • Pathway to Secret Garden

    Pathway to Secret Garden

The first thing you see coming out of the grove of Redwoods from the side of the estate is two terrace lawns, tall hedges and beyond a white water view of Paradise Cove with its high cliffs. At night you can stand on the lawn, watch the sun sink into the sea and see the “Queens Necklace” (the lights of Palace Verdes and Century city) light up. There are two large stone decks on the front of the Estate that also look out over the 180 degree ocean view with a dining table for eight, hand carved wood couches and chairs, and a barbeque. Nestled amongst the green grass are our small stone patios and pathways lined by small manicured hedges and flower beds. A curved stone pathway leads down through a 12 foot tall hedge into the hidden courtyard.