Courtyard and Front of Estate

  • Courtyard at Night

    Courtyard at Night

  • Stone Manor Estate

    Stone Manor Estate

  • Double-door Gate

    Double-door Gate

  • Four-car Garage

    Four-car Garage

  • Archway to Front Lawn

    Archway to Front Lawn

  • Pathway to Lawn1

    Pathway to Lawn1

  • Staircase to Pathway above Waterfall

    Staircase to Pathway above Waterfall

  • Pathway Above Waterfall

    Pathway Above Waterfall

  • Courtyard Waterfall - Day

    Courtyard Waterfall - Day

  • Courtyard Waterfall - Night

    Courtyard Waterfall - Night

This 4000 sq. ft. golden quartzite stone courtyard covers the entire front of the estate and encompasses two large shade trees. Surrounded by the estate, a two story four car ivy and stone garage, a terraced tree and succulent garden and a pine forest, this protected courtyard sanctuary is very popular for large dinner parties and fundraisers. A double curved stone stair case, lined by succulent laden stone pots, takes you to the hillside above the courtyard. A winding path lit by the dappled sunlight of seven coral trees, leads you by the upper waterfalls. Above this, a dozen taller ficus shade trees mixed with three 75 foot architectural lemon gum eucalyptus gives a terraced ancient forest look. A babbling brook surrounds the center coral tree which supports a lit blue green dragonfly. Small ruby red buttercup glass flowers light the five tumbling waterfalls. Leading away from the courtyard are two stone archways. The larger encases two six foot double wooden doors and a smaller private door leading to a tree-lined walkway. The second archway with a wood sculpted doorway leads through a winding fern lined stone pathway alongside the estate with a grove of fifty foot high redwoods that opens to grass covered lawns with a white water ocean view of Paradise Cove.