Stone Manor Gardens

To Lance and Aime Lindsay Stone Manor was a dream made on a empty dust and weed covered hill looking over the Pacific Ocean. Thousands of trips made 24/7 to stone yards, home depot, and Malibu Lumber carrying their young son Cameron on their shoulders slowly created a 2.5 acre paradise know as Stone Manor. As the son of a well known architect, John Lindsay, Lance drew the plans and Topo maps, rented tractors and giant forklifts, often with his son sitting on his lap, and drew on the friendship of many of his close contractor friends like Nipper Newman and his stone and sand trucking company, Kevin Shlumpberger the amazing framer, Mike Heart of Malibu’s Heart Electric, Ted the surgeon of Drain Brain plumbing, and Richard Nazareth the Michael Angelo of finish carpentry. From hurricane Santa Ana winds that almost blew the house down during construction to two Malibu fires where the house was completely surrounded by 100 foot walls of flames, the Lindsay’s fought to maintain their foot hold on this little piece of Heaven. Over the years thousands of people from school and charity fundraisers, weddings, films and Television shoots have walked through these “labor of love” gardens. Our lights were created for and inspired by our gardens. At night the gardens come alive with whimsy and romance. Our family sincerely hopes some of this rubs of on you. Thanks for visiting us and come again. The Lindsays.